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Analyzing the past to enjoy the present and prepare the future

W INVEST 21 is a Multi-Family Office company that develops a tailored Wealth Intelligence service for you.
Company director, family head, investor - all these terms describe just one person: YOU.
Lawyer, auditor, notary, banker, wealth management consultant, insurer, taxman, friends, business relationships, community relationships and courses - all these contacts make up YOUR CIRCLE.

Our Objective: To be the contact point between you and your circle. To support you in navigating the major stages in your family and company life on the legal, financial, tax and organisational level. To offer you tailored services based on multi-dimensional expertise operating with full independence and confidentiality.

Our Innovation: A total separation between investment advice and investment sales, an independent expert contact with no financial link to any of the partners and professionals in his network or in yours; a Pilot who works on behalf of families with no imposed wealth threshold, as well as for men and women who wish to master the parameters to make their own best decisions and stay ahead of events.

Wealth Intelligence: his means establishing trust by listening and by analyzing your environment (your professional and family context, history, constraints, goals, tastes, etc...); Offering high-quality synthesis to validate possible choices while staying within legal and tax rules; Making decisions based on defined objectives and ensuring their execution with the support of the network of partners who share our ethics and the professionals in your circle; Benefitting from coordination to let you make the best use of your time and have peace of mind in managing your family and business wealth.

Our Wealth Intelligence Service organises meetings every quarter on technical themes or topics in the news that you have pre-chosen to update your knowledge, your understanding of challenges and to develop useful contacts.


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