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W Invest 21 - Family Office - Intelligence Patrimoniale

Our services and advice

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Through cross-disciplinary expertise
integrating the legal and fiscal aspects:

• Spectral study of the context: defining the objectives and desires, measure of risk aversion;

• Assistance throughout the major stages in life (marriage, births, separations, successions, transgenerational transfer): follow-up of case files, drawing up of draft deeds, coordination of professionals, estimates of taxes, expenses and fees, deadline management;

• Analysis of the constitution of the French/foreign assets; relationships with the trustees and/or French and foreign banks; Transfer of tax residence; determining needs in terms of liquid assets; consolidation of assets;

• Choice of French/foreign property investments, transactions;

• Choice of financial investments (life insurance, funds, securities etc);

• Choice of investment in art;

• Patronage;

• Cession/acquisition/transmission of companies: negotiation and preparation of draft deeds, intermediation;

• Financing of projects and investments;

• Tax planning, tax returns, administrative tools and procedures, collection and classification of information;

• Governance: organisation (and participation if necessary) of board meetings and/or AGM; organisation (and participation if necessary) of family meetings;

• Studies to control costs relating to existing or future investments and contracts;

The rates of our advice and services are subject to a quote established beforehand on the basis of an hourly rate or a fixed rate according to the services required, with the possibility of taking out a subscription of which the duration varies according to requirements. The first meeting to make acquaintance is never billed.

Founded in PARIS, W INVEST 21 is also present in MARSEILLE.
The company operates in the form of conferences organised in various networks and organisations.


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