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W Invest 21 - Family Office - Intelligence Patrimoniale

Our consultants and partners

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Our consultants and partners

Corinne Lecocq and her team of experts share a common work ethic to propose to you original wealth intelligence combining personal issues and monitoring of professional tools.


Our expertise

Corporate and asset engineering
French and international taxation of private individuals
Corporate tax law
Tax management of holdings
LBO of family businesses
Company law / Transfers
Family law / succession-separation
Long-term financing operations
Banking-finance law
Surety Law
Civil law and contracts
Pension assessment
Insurance and Welfare
Real estate law
Financial management / Asset consolidation

Our partners and consultants

Management companies
Friends fund
Retail and private wealth management banks
Specialised French and foreign lawyers
Chartered accountants
Art galleries (Paris/province)
Property developers (Paris/province)
Property management companies
Estate agents
Legal and administrative assistants
Financial directors
Asset managers
International intermediaries

Financing SME: Single Bond Solution

Solicit private investors by restoring meaning to their investment through the combination of a quest for profitability and backing of the real economy, all within a well-defined legal framework securing the relations. With the help of Winvest21, the company draws up the document ready to be signed and issues the corresponding bond according to the terms and conditions agreed with the investor.

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